Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Month of Sundays

I saw one of those cute little e-cards the other night that said "The month of August is like one long Sunday night for teachers."  As I laughed, I was forced to recognize the glaring truth in that statement.  Whereas the month of July was spent traveling, going to ballgames and just having a good time, August has so far brought with it school supply lists, back to school shopping and an overwhelming feeling of dread that my freedom is about to be gone for another ten months.

I am not the stay at home mom type. This I have known about myself for most of my life.  I like having a job, being part of something good in this world and as far as teaching goes, it makes me feel needed.  I like to feel needed. I also like sleeping in, not getting dressed up everyday and letting my long hair go wild in the sun and breeze.  So, I am at a crossroads.  Hide in my house and pretend like summer will never end or seize the life out of summer and have a blast right until they drag me kicking and screaming back into the building for in-service week.

Knowing myself, I suspect I will go for a healthy mix of those two options.  With the start of school comes the fall baseball season- a time of year I truly love but it is also a very busy season with practices and games for two boys on two different teams.  I feel like I should hoard hours of peace and quiet and HGTV watching knowing that it will all be gone again for a long, long time.

Of course, I have also added deadlines and edits to my schedule (and no, I wouldn't trade that for anything!) so I have to get even better at balancing my time.  Thankfully, my mother buys me a new agenda each summer as a back to school gift. This year I am supersizing!

We have also decided that it is time to begin the process of giving our boys their own bedrooms.  In their younger years I have kept them together for ease and safety.  If there were ever an emergency when I was home alone with them I wanted them easy to get to and easy to get out of the house.  Now that they are older, that need is not as prevalent.  The move will take a good deal of rearranging and organizing but in the process I hope to purge a whole lot of items we no longer need.

I hate to see summer come to an end but in another week swimming lessons wrap up, I will be forced to buy a few back to school clothing items for the boys and myself and we will have less time to do nothing and more things to fill those hours with. 

Fall isn't all bad though.  This fall will mark the official release of my first professionally published book. I have worked many years for that accomplishment and might even have a party to celebrate!  Fall also brings with it middle school for my oldest.  A whole new world of pre-pubescence is about to descend upon us!  Then of course, little league ball games, football Sundays with the family at our local sports pub and a myriad of family birthdays culminating with our traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners.  As much as I hate to let summer go, I love the food of fall and the cool temperatures and long skirts with cozy sweaters.

Maybe the end of summer won't be as bad as I think.  I have a lot to look forward to and a lot to be thankful for.  I am excited to add a new class to my teaching schedule and getting back to a routine will make me far more productive.  For now, I will hold onto summer tightly but when the time comes I will let her pass peacefully.

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