Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Little Surprise For My Readers!

After being away for so long, I have so many things I want to write about today so please forgive this post as I am certain that it is about to become a rambling, mixed bag of stories!

We are finally wrapping up fall baseball. Both of our boys play two games a week and they each have a practice in between the games. That means on a bad week, I am at the ball park six out of seven days. On a good week, we will have two games going on at the same time on two different fields. Our only goal on those days is to be sure to see each of the boys up at bat and catch a couple of good plays. In less than a week we will be done for a few months and I will have time to breath. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing I love more than to watch them play ball. This has been a phenomenal season for both of them with great coaches, supportive teammates and a whole lot of learning and growing going on. My older son is in middle school and catcher is his favorite position. He owns home plate when he puts that gear on and for the first time in many seasons he had coaches who helped him really excell in the position. He also makes a pretty good third baseman. The younger boy struggled a little with moving up from coach pitch to kid pitch. Coaches sort of lob the ball toward the batter, generally in the strike zone and my boy had a reputation for knocking a ball good and hard into the outfield. When kids first learn to pitch, there is no such thing as a strike zone. Those balls fly everywhere and it scared a kid who has never really ever been afraid of anything. He spent half the season jumping out of the way of the ball and the other half swinging and missing. We finally convinced him to stay in the batter's box but his hitting record has frustrated him. I am certain we will spend some time at the cages in the off season.

Life is good. My kids are growing and learning and becoming young men. I couldn't be prouder of either of them. They are so much alike yet so different. One is organized and self motivated and the other is a complete hot mess all the time. Yet they are both smart and talented and athletic. They are kind, appropriately sensitive and they love their mother! Oh, and the oldest one is starting to notice girls.

As I mentioned above, my oldest has started middle school this year. He has also had a huge growth spurt and lost so much weight I can feel his collar bones and shoulder blades when I give him a hug. It's unnerving. Last night a mom at his ball game commented that his uniform was hanging on him. He is also asking alot of questions. Questions about dating and umm...*cough* Only he doesn't yet realize that is what he is asking. I am slowly laying out the necessary information to warm him up to the big "talk". You know, the one we all had at some point with our own parents. I would love to postpone it a bit but the girls have already gone boy crazy. I am not kidding. They giggle and flirt and act all silly around my boy and his friends. I am not ready to share my boy with other girls. Fortunately his interests still linger with baseball, mincraft and legos. For a little while longer anyway.

Now for the surprise. I have been sitting on this for awhile, not quite sure how to share it. I finally decided to just go ahead and do it. Sooo...drumroll please....It's....


I am also excited to announce that my first professionally published novel, Witness Protection is due to be released on or around November 28th in ebook and on January 20, 2015 in paperback. The journey to publication has been long and arduous but the closer I come to that date, the less I remember the journey.  For those of you anxious to put a face to the name, here is my very first professionally crafted cover art:

If you are reading this blog, you are among the very first to see the cover of my first book! Witness Protection is the first in a series. I am currently mid way through the second book, Homeland Security and a third is in the works. The series is a contempory romance series with action packed intrigue.  As we get closer to release day I will post excerpts and links to the Facebook release party here and on my facebook page

When the ebook is released it will be available at (the publisher offers a rewards system sort of like major retailers where you can earn points towards free books), Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. I will have more information on the print version closer to the end of 2014.

I want to take a moment to thank every one of you for supporting me through the years that have led up to this moment. Many of you have read and edited and offered comments on bits and pieces of my stories and I appreciate it more than I can ever say in words. Please feel free to share this blog anywhere you wish.

Thank you readers! Have a very blessed day. I know I feel blessed beyond measure.

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