Monday, November 3, 2014

Hot Mug Shot Guys...Seriously?

There's a new trend sweeping the mug shots. I just saw an article revering the Hot Mug Shot Guy.


Mug shots,of course, are the photos taken when someone is arrested and booked for a crime. They are pictures of criminals, ladies.

So, why is it that the female population seems to be enamored by these men, often violent criminals and sexual predators?

It bothers me that as a society we are willing to give  criminals notoriety, raving over how hot they look and how sexy they are. I am almost ashamed to admit that I took the time to read some of the comments on a recent article. Women were throwing themselves at the guy in the mug shot, making promises that I would only make to my husband in the privacy of our bedroom. I don't understand the appeal of a guy with a rap sheet a mile long filled with violence. Putting those pictures in the news and on social media give them the sort of notoriety I don't believe they are entitled to.

How have they earned their fame? By breaking the law.

It is not hot to break the law. It is not sexy to hurt others, steal from others or in anyway harm the person or possessions of another.

Ladies of the world, we need to value ourselves a whole lot more than that. We all grew up with fairy tales of Prince Charming and knights in shining armor. Fairy tales give us hope and their is nothing wrong with that but I am the first to admit that the fairy tale sort of falls apart when life kicks in. It is a sad fact that most criminals are recidivists. They commit crimes- often the same type of crimes- over and over and over again. It is not likely that love or sex are going to change a person- male or female- if they have determined they like the path they travel.

 Movies make it look good for the good girl to fall in love with the bad guy. Books are full of happily ever after tales. Humans like happy endings. I write romance novels- I LOVE a happy ending. I love to see the guy get the girl or girl get the guy but I also like to see the bad guy/gal pay the price of their actions or crimes.

The bad guy/ gal should not get a free pass just because they look good in a mug shot. They should not be revered on social media and it is my opnion that stories such as these are not news. They are not human interest stories. It is absolutely unacceptable to turn a criminal into a hero because he or she photographs well.


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  1. And in these times the good shall be deemed bad and the bad shall be deemed good. Paraphrased, of course.